Langoustines Are  A Succulent Shellfish, Like a Tiny Lobster

Approx. Nutritional Value:   100g (Langoustines, raw)

Calories: 77 Fat: 0.3g Protein: 18.5g Carbs: 0.1g


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Langoustines are slim orange-pink crustaceans also known as Dublin Bay Prawns, Norway Lobster, and Scampi. Langoustines contain a delicate succulent white meat and are low in carbohydrate, high in protein and rich in iodine, selenium and vitamin B12. They are very popular in the Mediterranean. Langoustines can be purchased frozen with their shells removed ready to eat or enjoyed as part of a seafood platter where you have the satisfaction of cracking the shells and removing the meat yourself.


Preparing Langoustines


How to Cook Langoustines


Cognac Langoustines