Clams Have A Salty Taste And A Soft Chewy Texture

Approx. Nutritional Value:   100g (Clams, cooked)

Calories: 148 Fat: 2g Protein: 26g Carbs: 5g


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Clams can be cooked or eaten raw. They are ideal for seafood chowder, stew or seafood linguine. The flavour and colour of clams is influenced by the sand and the water they live in. Clean clams thoroughly before eating them to wash away sand and grit. When buying fresh whole clams, it is important to make sure they are alive. The shells of live clams should be tightly closed or try to close when tapped. Clams are dependent on clean healthy water. The active filtering of clams can help to improve water quality. Clams are low in fat and high in protein. They are also high in minerals such as zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium and vitamin B. 


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