Cockles Are Small Edible Saltwater Clams

Approx. Nutritional Value:   100g (Cockles)

Calories: 79 Fat: 0.7g Protein: 14g Carbs: 4.7g


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Cockles can be eaten raw, boiled or steamed like mussels until their shells open. Cockle shells contain a soft morsel of flesh which has a delicate salty taste. Cockles should be soaked in water to rid them of sand before eating. A Welsh breakfast consists of cockles fried with bacon and served with laver bread. Ideal in salads, stews or seafood linguine or simply seasoned and eaten on their own, cockles are versatile. Cockles are high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrate, high in iron and are an extremely healthy food to eat.


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