Squid Meat Has A Firm Chewy Texture  

Approx. Nutritional Value:   100g (Squid, fried)

Calories: 175 Fat: 7g Protein: 18g Carbs: 8g


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Squid meat is called Calamari when fried in batter. It has a firm chewy texture. If cooked too long squid meat can become tough and very chewy but is soft and delicious when cooked properly. Smaller squids are tenderer than larger squid. Squid is high in copper which is essential for absorbing, storing and metabolizing iron and stimulating the formation of red blood cells. Squid is high in protein and B vitamins including B12. Squid can be steamed as well as deep-fried or pan-fried and added to pasta dishes.


How to Prepare Squid


Perfect Pan Fried Squid


Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid