Suggest Removal of a Seafood Festival/Event

suggest remove festivals and eventsIn Seafood Lovers Restaurant Guide you will find festivals of all sizes from tiny village events to huge festivals sprawling across towns or city harbour fronts. We list seafood festivals and other seafood events in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, and around the world. There are events that specialize (like oyster festivals) but most offer a wide variety of seafood and entertainment. If you see a festival or event on our Guide you think shouldn’t be, tell us why, giving details, and we’ll look into it.

You don’t have to register with us to tell us about a Seafood Festival you think should be removed from our site, but if you would like an entry in our Seafood Dinner Contest you must be registered and signed in at the time you send your information.   We will give you one entry for each festival you send that we then remove from our site.   Everyone registered with Seafood Lovers Restaurant Guide will also receive our newsletter with seafood articles, featured restaurants, recipes and more. Please submit one Festival/Event removal per message

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